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      WatchUsNow.com wants to help you get on the internet for a little Show & Tell.

      Just let us know what's important to you that you want to share with everyone.

      ....Like the video of your last road trip before you got married....or your daughter's fifth birthday party....or your son's wedding.

      ....So you think you are the funniest person around and should be a star. WatchUsNow can produce and host a video of your standup routine....or your band is ready to rock the world and you need a video with a great soundtrack so everybody will know it.

      ....You have a garden that you have labored in lovingly for years, and you want a live cam to share its peace and beauty.

      ....Display your art -- paintings, sculpture, carvings, pottery, weavings, and reveal the person who created them.

      ....You own a business and you want a live cam showing the day's work and your staff serving customers.

      You can see that there are so many ways WatchUsNow.com can help you share what's important to you with the world.

      Contact us and let's talk about the best way to do what you want to do. It'll be fun, and when it's up on the internet, you will really have something to be proud of.

      (Note: no "adult" or sexual material. WatchUsNow.com is a family friendly site.)

      All right, class, it's Show & Tell time. Who wants to be first?

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